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Just like all leading global organizations, TNSSAA is passionate about building meaningful relationships and a strong network, so we consistently work towards ensuring that we stay connected to all members of the association across the Globe as well as the public.
We want to know how our alumni are faring in terms of global leadership, community impact, ground breaking results in various fields of endeavour.
Thus we leverage on the various social media platforms available, making provisions for relevant, important and up-to-date feeds and information for all; this is asides the regular communication channels via emails, bulk messages and occasional calls to reach the alumni body.

Lagos Head Office:

Nigerian Law publication house Otunbajobifele way, beside CITN Building, Alausa CBD, Ikeja, Lagos


Phone: 0700-CALLTNSS, 0700-22558677, (0)8182957992, (0)8182959470, (0)8182959451
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