About Us

The Alumni body of The New Synergy Specialist
The Alumni body of The New Synergy Specialist is known as TNSSAA: The New Synergy Specialist Alumni Association (TNSSAA). It’s Headquarters and the Secretariat is situated at Nigerian Law Publication house, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, beside CITN Building, Alausa CBD, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. TNSS is an ACCA learning institution that identifies and brands its students on a mission to ignite positive change and global impact. A network of well-equipped men and women who have been refined, built, and equipped to create and cause positive change in the world.



Working together in terms to deliver value to members.


We shall promote the involvement of our members in value – driven activities. We shall encourage inclusion devoid of discrimination.


We give ourselves wholly to building networks of change by forming strategic alliances. We shall strive to collaborate to achieve greater success in our endeavors. We shall be committed to serving our Alma mater and our spheres of influence by making our resources available.


Providing members with all the tools they need to achieve their goals. 


We align with the value of capacity building. We are committed to leading by reading and imparting acquired knowledge in our community.


We adhere to the highest forms of ethical standards as expressed in sound character. We pursue an unwavering completeness in our lifestyle.


Our purpose is to create a place where people feel free to be themselves while living specifically focused on what is for the highest good of all and positively and permanently transforming our community for everyone.


We embrace high quality delivery of our services, programs and communication. Our activities shall reflect diligence in creativity and innovation as we serve TNSSAA and the membership of the Alumni. We shall embrace change in a rapid world of dexterity. We believe that all things are possible.